After the World Cup 2022 final draws, Waykichain World Cup has Unveiled its Blueprint

HONG KONG, CHINA — The draw for the 2022 World Cup, the most important event prior to the World Cup, took place in Qatar recently and just after that Waykichain World Cup has announced its future plans.

Waykichain World Cup

Besides fans on the sidelines excited and nervous for the teams they support, there is another group of people who are also looking at players in blockchain “prediction” markets.

Since the first “prediction market” application appeared in Ethereum in 2014, products featuring “blockchain + prediction” have emerged one after another. Globally, many blockchain teams are trying to tap this market, and the World Cup is the best time to do so, which is held every four years.

WaykiChain, which emerged in 2018, has been known to the world with the help of this track. As one of the most well-known blockchain public chain projects, WaykiChain WICC is considered a World Cup concept stock.

As the countdown to the 2022 World Cup schedule is approaching close, market capital has once again begun to flow into the prediction market. As a promising blockchain branch, WaykiChain has made perfect preparations for this.

One of the major focuses is the integration of WaykiChain NFT in this World Cup.

The status of NFT in 2022 can be described as a hot market. From the sky-high auctions of various NFTs to the hard-to-find NFTs of the Winter Olympics mascot, it is clear. NFT not only creates more business opportunities for the virtual economy but also drives huge dividends in the consumer market, including football, the biggest cake in the sports industry.

As early as the 2018 World Cup, Colombian star James Rodriguez, the then Golden Boot winner, launched his own digital asset: JR10 Token, and set off a buying frenzy of star coins. However, the JR10 Token at that time was not the NFT in our current sense.

However, it is foreseeable that WaykiChain will combine football “stars” with its own NFT concept, and the potential market size will also be considerable.

In addition, as the tradition of WaykiChain’s last World Cup, signing a star is also a highlight.

In addition to obtaining star benefits for community fans, WaykiChain’s signing of star players is also intended to build its next NFT business blueprint.

Of course, we remember the “signing accident” between Maradona and Ronaldo in 2018, but if it wasn’t for occasional reasons such as visa issues, perhaps the last World Cup would have started WaykiChain’s star signing. Which big-name players will WaykiChain sign at this World Cup? It is believed that WaykiChain has carried out careful planning and contact with foreign affairs.

As the ontology of the “prediction market” of the World Cup, the blockchain quiz game may be the project that fans and friends pay the most attention to.

The reason WaykiChain entered the blockchain industry at the beginning is precisely that blockchain prediction can help the player group to realize the judgment results of the quiz game more intelligently and fairly, and avoid the opacity, dark-box operation, squatting, and relative rate of return in the traditional quiz industry lower issues. Today, this will continue to be a key project linked by Wikipedia, with a view to providing a refreshing guessing game application for fans around the world during the World Cup.

It is believed that in 2022, driven by the topic of the World Cup, the virtual currency market led by blockchain technology will rise again, and WaykiChain will also allow people to appreciate the unique charm of the World Cup in more dimensions!

In addition, as the “prelude” to the World Cup, WaykiChain has launched a series of friendly matches for the 2022 World Cup Football Tour at the beginning of this year. From the United States, Sri Lanka, Japan, and Iran, to the upcoming Hungarian Station, WaykiChain will meet the strategic pace of the World Cup and is also making steady progress.

It is reported that as the World Cup is approaching, this live broadcast will also reveal for the first time more details of WaykiChain’s preparations for the World Cup, including the announcement of WaykiChain’s football baby plan, the upcoming community public beta of Waykiswap, and Waykiswap’s NFT. Will be on the agenda.

Here’s a sneak peek. For more details, welcome to lock in the live broadcast room of WaykiChain Hungary’s football tour-friendly match.  

Broadcast time:

April 9th, 9:30 am (UTC)

Youtube synchronous live broadcast address:

Of course, the live broadcast room also has a lucrative lucky draw. Participate in the opportunity to win WaykiChain tokens, iPhones, iPads, and even physical gold bars. The prizes are rich and not to be missed.

On April 9th, WaykiChain Football Tour Friendly Match (Hungary).

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