Book two of Candace McFly, Undercover Spy – Case No.2: The Phantom of Live Oak by Kathy L. Mansfield is Available

A new story by author Kathy L. Mansfield is on the shelves from the sub-genre of mystery adventure for kids. The second edition of her Candace McFly, Undercover Spy series, Case No.2: The Phantom of Live Oak, is now out to entertain fans with a thrilling narrative.

The story takes place in a small town, Live Oak. A place that seems dull and uneventful from the outside but harbors some sinister secrets. Its history tells of a grim tale, the source of which resides in the supposedly hunted Performing Art Center (PAC).

A ghost appears during music productions to relive or experience its lifelong dream. Bright lights and humming sounds signal its presence. Sometimes, a bluish-white figure, like a flickering movie, is visible, confirming its existence.

Here, three young kids band together to uncover the mystery and discover its story. Paranormal occurrences block their path, but they never budge. They want to rid the town of this bothersome ghost.

The book features some curious kids who, regardless of feeling fear, press on with courage. They are clever and mindful of the dangers they may encounter, but their purpose takes priority.

It teaches the readers not to hesitate once you make up your mind. Go through with your decisions until the end despite the consequences, as this habit builds powerful characters.

Interested readers can claim their copy from the author’s Amazon store or visit her website,

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About the Author

Kathy L. Mansfield is a wife, a mother of two, a grandmother, and an elementary teacher with 28 years of experience. She has been an avid reader and loves to write her own stories. Her focus is mysteries featuring children as the main protagonists. She is currently working on the third installment of the Candace McFly, Undercover Spy series.