Godlenfish Unveils Meme Coin with Staking, PVP Game, and Layer 2 Integration

Vilnius, Lithuania, 19th April 2024, ZEX PR WIRE, The cryptocurrency world is often seen as turbulent and unpredictable, yet meme coins have emerged as a fascinating phenomenon. These coins, often born out of internet jokes or community whimsy, have captured the attention of investors and enthusiasts alike. Among these meme coins, Solana’s very own $GODLEN stands out as a unique contender. Solana’s $GODLEN is emerging as a standout among these, not just for its meme potential but for its broader utility, hinting at a promising future in centralized exchanges. In this article, we’ll explore $GODLEN unique features, and why it’s attracting attention as the next Solana meme coin to make waves of hype.

GODLENFISH is a unique meme, which was inspired by a famous saying about catching a golden fish bringing luck, and fulfilling wishes. GODLENFISH aims to be the NEXT Solana meme coin mascot which is the ruler of luck and provides fortune to everyone who holds it.

So what’s the hype about?


$GODLEN boasts an experienced team with over seven years in the web3 space. Their achievements include launching web3 games, DeFi protocols, and raising millions through successful fundraises. 


They’ve forged partnerships with about 100 entities, including top tier 1 CEX platforms, launchpads, market makers, NFT marketplaces, and more… With established connections, they collaborated with an experienced design studio responsible for many successful projects to bring this legendary meme to life.

Utility Plans:

Legendary meme: Godlen’s core utility is about delivering exceptional memes, positivity, and the excitement of a new mascot.

Staking: Godlen will introduce diverse staking protocols, enabling users to stake $GODLEN tokens and NFTs with varied APRs and staking periods. Early stakers stand to gain the most godlens in limited staking pools.

Game: Godlen’s game will showcase engaging mini-games, from PVP battles to single-player challenges. Players stake tokens and NFTs, needing skill and strategy to earn rewards. Token burns ensure deflationary measures while the contract is revoked.

L2 Chain: Godlen plans to launch an L2 chain tailored for meme coins with a longer-term vision, offering scalability and diverse utility options.

NFTs: The “G” NFT,  Godlen will release 500 exclusive “G” NFTs for presale participants who invested over 20 SOL. Additionally, Character NFTs, which are In-game NFTs with unique utilities will also be available for purchase.

Future Outlook: Following a successful presale that garnered over 1000 SOL (worth over $180000) in less than 24 hours, Godlenfish has attracted over 500 presale participants and attracted over 5000 wallets for airdrops. With plans to list on centralized exchanges soon, the team aims to roll out the mentioned utility features post-listing to boost the project’s growth.

Godlenfish Token Presale:

The Godlenfish presale is ongoing which offers an amazing opportunity for investors to get early and a chance to add some lucky charm to their portfolios. By participating in such presales, profitable traders are securing investments in rare gems before it goes viral or there is no space. Users can join the live presale here: godlenfish.com 

Why $GODLEN Chooses Solana for Its Launch

The decision to launch GODLEN on Solana was driven by several strategic considerations. Solana boasts a vibrant and expansive community, particularly when it comes to supporting memecoins. Furthermore, Solana’s potential for growth is undeniable. With its scalable infrastructure and commitment to low transaction fees, it stands as a formidable competitor to Ethereum. As one of the most socially active blockchains, Solana’s engagement metrics serve as a leading indicator of its rapid expansion.


Considering GODLENFISH’s strong fundamentals and community support, it’s drawing attention as a promising meme coin investment. However, investors should remember that the meme coin market is volatile and speculative.

Ultimately, GODLENFISH’s potential as the best meme coin hinges on an investor’s risk appetite and investment horizon. For those seeking high-risk, high-reward opportunities, GODLENFISH presents an enticing option.

In Conclusion

$GODLEN is riding a wave of momentum, backed by a successful presale, a growing community, transparent plans, and a dash of humor in its memes. With its innovative offerings and strong community support, the coin is set to make waves in the meme coin space. $GODLEN is available on the Godlenfish website