Rotageek’s Innovative Solutions Align with Gallup’s 2023 Report to Transform Workforce Management

London, United Kingdom, 10th Jun 2024 – Rotageek continues to secure new clients, with a solution designed to address key findings from Gallup’s State of the Global Workplace: 2023 Report. These solutions are aimed at empowering organisations to improve engagement in an evolving work landscape.

According to Gallup, workforce engagement is fluctuating globally due to the lingering effects of the pandemic, advances in modern technology, and changing employee expectations. In response, Rotageek’s workforce management tools help businesses adapt by promoting flexible management styles and using advanced technology to maintain a competitive advantage and employee satisfaction.

The report also highlights regional variations in stress and engagement levels, requiring unique management strategies that consider cultural and regional contexts.

Post-pandemic, Rotageek supports industries where remote work isn’t possible by offering solutions like flexible scheduling and enhanced communication structures, which are essential for reducing stress and encouraging a productive work environment.

“Employee engagement still remains one of the top priorities for our customers. Businesses are looking for ways to not only better engage frontline employees, but also reduce the admin burden and stress in head offices. As many places of work have evolved to be able to offer flexible and hybrid working, location-based businesses such as those in the retail and hospitality industry aren’t able to keep up.

However, with innovative digital workforce management solutions that make it simple for employees to submit preferences, see who they’re working with on shift and swap, drop and pick up shifts at any time, it can come close. Solutions like Rotageek, aim to promote flexible management, increase employee satisfaction and lower stress levels in these industries where true flexible working isn’t possible” said Chris McCullough, CEO at Rotageek.

Rotageek’s technology is key for businesses refining their workforce strategies in 2024, making sure they thrive amidst global workforce shifts.

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Rotageek is a leading provider of workforce management solutions that help businesses optimise staffing, increase engagement, and improve productivity. Their workforce management solutions range from intuitive digital schedules to AI optimised rotas using forecasts from data points at your locations.


Note: The insights by Rotageek are based on an analysis of Gallup’s State of the Global Workplace: 2023 Report. The views expressed are those of Rotageek and do not necessarily reflect those of Gallup, Inc.

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