Marine Moguls ERC-404 Launches in 11 Days With ~2.9 Million USDT Prizes

Seoul, South Korea, 14th May 2024, ZEX PR WIRE, In just 11 days, blockchain will witness a revolutionary shift with the Marine Moguls ERC-404 token and NFT launch on May 25, 2024. This isn’t just any token and NFT launch; it’s a pioneering venture utilizing the fresh ERC-404 protocol, which combines token fungibility with NFT uniqueness. Every NFT has instant liquidity, and every token has fractional NFT ownership, making buying and trading faster and more flexible.

10,000 Tokens and ~2.9 Million USDT in Prizes

The collection features 10,000 randomly generated AI marine creature NFTs that can evolve through crafting and merging. As they evolve, they become rarer and more valuable, unlocking lucrative prizes attached to over 25% of the NFT collection, like 100,000 USDT or 50,000 $METFI – 2,588 of the NFTs have prizes.

Exclusive Access to MetBot Beta

Stake just one $MOGUL token to enjoy generous APY and early and exclusive access to MetBot. This state-of-the-art AI trading bot is a game-changer in crypto trading. Last week, 100% of closed trades were in profit, with an 8% return the week before and an 80% return in two months. MetBot consistently delivers advanced, transparent, automated trading while your funds remain under your full control with instant withdrawals at any time.  

Token Distribution

The distribution of 10,000 Marine Moguls tokens ensures that anyone can get a piece of the Marine Mogul pie:

– Airdrop: 3,000 tokens (30%) for the airdrop campaign closing on 24th May 2024,

– Whitelist: 3,000 (30%) to MetFi NFT owners,

– Staking: 3,900 (39%) for generous APY disbursements,

– Liquidity: 100 (1%) for liquidity.

Airdrop Campaign Final Call

Visit the Marine Moguls website to join the Airdrop campaign before May 24th, 2024, to claim your free $MOGUL tokens and fractional ownership of the Marine Moguls NFT collection.

Join the Marine Moguls Revolution

We invite you to participate in the groundbreaking Token Generation Event (TGE) on May 25th, 2024. The Marine Moguls ERC-404 collection will make a fun and powerful statement about the future of finance and an opportunity to be at the forefront of blockchain innovation.

To secure your place in this transformative airdrop and launch, visit the Marine Moguls website. Don’t miss this unique opportunity to dive into a world where crypto meets creativity, utility, and lucrative rewards.

Join us, and let’s navigate the exciting waters of the future together with Marine Moguls!

About Marine Moguls and MetBot by MetFi

Marine Moguls and MetBot, powered by MetFi DAO, redefine AI and digital asset integration using the pioneering ERC-404 protocol. This initiative sets a new standard for blockchain utility, merging token fungibility with the unique traits of NFTs for instant 24/7 NFT liquidity and fractional NFT ownership, broadening access and appeal.

Alongside, MetBot dramatically enhances the ecosystem’s value. As a cutting-edge AI trading bot, MetBot provides Marine Mogul token holders exclusive access to high-frequency trading that has delivered substantial, transparent returns. This AI bot boasts advanced intelligence and adaptive strategies, maximizing profitability while giving users control over their funds every step of the way.

Marine Moguls and MetBot embody MetFi’s vision of innovation, decentralization, and a valuable and rewarding digital future. By joining the Marine Moguls airdrop, community members lead an evolving ERC-404 ecosystem that challenges traditional concepts of value and ownership, delivering tangible benefits and sophisticated trading solutions.

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